Residential and Commercial EPC


Reduce Energy Costs

One of the most tangible and substantial reasons to go solar is the reduction of energy costs. The electricity a solar system produces offsets your electrical usage, significantly reducing or in some cases even eliminating your electric bill so you can spend money elsewhere, or save the difference

Improve Value of Property

Solar have good life of 25 – 30 years and its savings is attractive and recognized by home buyers and evaluators as it adds a significant value when selling your home.

Good for The Environment

The use of solar will help South Africa reduce climate change due to burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. Solar is Zero carbon emitter and it improve economic growth by creating green jobs and reduce global warming. Customers, tenants, and prospective employees are increasingly weighing a property owner’s or company’s environmental policy and commitment to sustainability in their decision criteria.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and abundant. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy does not generate harmful carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases that are known to contribute to global warming. By using solar electricity instead of electricity generated with fossil fuels, your business can reduce its’ carbon footprint and contribute to a culture of sustainability.

Flexible Financing Options

There are several financing options for both business and homeowners. For business, we offer (i) ZERO Upfront (PPA): Save 20% - 30% on tariff per kWh. (ii) System Lease/Rental: 6 - 8 years before owning the system (iii) Finance through banks and other financial institutions: 60 – 80 months finance term. For homeowners, we have Rental/Lease options and finance through banks.

TAX Rebates - Sec 12(b)

Company tax in South Africa is 28%. With this incentive you can deduct the value of your new solar power as a depreciation expense from your company’s profit. This mean that your companies income tax liability will be decreased by the same value as the value of the installed solar system. This incentive makes the financial model of a commercial roof-top, gridtied, solar power system looks very attractive. System bought in cash have under 5-year Return-On Investment.



If you’re considering solar, let one of our friendly energy consultants evaluate your home to see how much you can save! No obligation,

APPROVED PVgreenCard Installers

We have inhouse PV Specialists and registered Electricians. We ensure Quality Assurance in all our installations to protect your equipment warranties by adhering to their OEM and installation manuals.


We offer post installation support. Our installations include monitoring and support. Our panels come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.


200kW System with 180kWh Off-Grid System

· Total off-grid · Saves R19 500 per month from month one · Smart energy management system in place. · 25 years performance warranty on solar panels · LCOE = R1.20 / kWh

10 kW System with 10 kWh

Battery storage · Save 50— 60% from bills. · 14  – 20 hours backup during power outage. · Smart energy management system in place. · 20 years performance warranty on

5 kW System with 4.8kWh Battery storage

· Save 30 — 40 % from bills. · 4  – 6 hours backup during power outage. · Smart energy management system in place. · 20 years performance warranty on solar panels ·

Our Process


Our engineers can provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate of your solar project. 


We understand the specific needs of our clients. That’s why we custom design every install to meet your specific situation.


Our installers are friendly, local professionals who are dedicated to workmanship and getting the job done right.


See in real-time how your solar system is performing and how much you are saving, all from the palm of your hand!


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