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  1. I believe that I need a 10KVA (single phase) Max output capacity PV system to supply my home. My monthly consumption is in the order of 700WKh. The over night llighting load after 2100 is in the order of 50W before 2100 it could be 200W a fiver for 1 frige and 1 small freezer need to be added to this. The geyser runs on a time switch at present set to supply 3kw from 0400 to 0600 but this is negotiable.

    Can you give me a rough idea of a cost for grid free and what financing options are available.

    1. Good day Peter, this will mean your average daily consumption is around 23kWh/day. I would like to understand more in terms of your requirements. Please give us a call so we can discuss the solutions that can best suit your needs.

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