We offer three packages namely, Budget, Standard and Premium. The packages include planning, design, supply of material and accessories, installation and commissioning. The difference in the packages is technology of inverters and batteries. These packages are the same in operation and performance but differ in technologies and warranties.

1. Package specifications

  • Inverter size : 10kW
  • Lithium Battery size : 10kWh
  • Solar Panel size : 9.46kW
  • Monthly Energy Production: 1 519 kWh / Month

2. Package Benefits:

These packages can be used for residential and small business application. Please see below appliances / loads that can be connected in these packages

For Residential Application

Items Quantity
Lights(LED/Normal) 20-40
TV 5
Fridge(Double/single door) 3
Freezer 2
Gyser/Heat Pump 1
Pool Pump 1
Security System 1
Plug Sockets 10

For Business Application

Items Quantity
Lights(LED/Normal) 20-40
Large Printer/scanner 1
Fridge(Double/single door) 1
Computer/Laptop 15
Internet Rooter/Server 1
Water Boiler/Kettle 1
Projector/screen 1
Telephone 10

Budget Package

Premium Package

Standard Package

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