Commercial Solar

The new technology and policies re making commercial solar installation a financial “no-brainer” for many businesses. Going solar isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for business. Solar systems are more efficient and cost-effective, and the tax credits and other financial incentives makes solar a smart investment. These systems operate for more than 25 years with close to ZERO cost maintenance and it pays itself many times over before the warranties run out. At B&K Solar, we can help

Benefits of solar energy in Business

Financial Incentives

Significantly reduce your net system costs, speeding up your return on investment and net system’s value.

Reduce and Stabilize Operating Costs

With solar and battery storage, you avoid rising utility pricing, peak charging, and can be better budget future operating costs.

Lead the way in local sustainable business practices

Lowering your carbon footprint opens up new marketing opportunities for your green business

Lower Energy Costs

Solar panels allow your business to use the sun’s energy. Your utility bills will be lower and depending upon the size of your commercial solar panel system, you might even give extra power back to the grid.

Increase Your Commercial Property Value

Solar energy isn’t just a way to reduce energy costs, but to improve your commercial property value. Traditional energy costs will only continue to increase over time, so the addition of solar panels can increase the value of your property as more businesses prioritize energy efficiency when seeking new commercial locations.

Custom Designs and Installations

At B&K Solar, we don’t just install systems.  We work with you to determine your business’ unique needs, goals and any limitations to design a custom commercial solar panel solution for your property. We will ensure you invest your resources efficiently to reap the maximum benefit from your solar energy system.

Improve Eco-Reputation

Being known as an environmentally friendly company has become a priority for many businesses, but savvy consumers have become suspicious of “greenwashing “, claiming to be eco-friendly without truly investing in meaningful action. Commercial solar panels are without a doubt an easily demonstrable (and usually quite visible) way to show customers your business is serious about doing business sustainably.

Exceptional Service

Along with exceptional quality, Solar Dad and Sons provides ongoing support and 24/7 emergency service. When you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with contractors or outside maintenance teams to care for your residential solar panels.

Leverage Incentives and Tax Rebates

South Africa offer incentives to encourage businesses to utilize solar energy.  B&K Solar can help you take advantage of these valuable tax credits and rebates.
For example:  fully utilizing the current federal investment tax credit alone could save your company up to 30% of the cost of a solar panel system.

Our Solar Project Process

Site Analysis

“Assessment include evaluating the solar potential.”

During a site assessment, our team will determine the best, most effective location and design for your solar photovoltaic (PV) panel system. Using special instruments and calculation methods, we’ll evaluate your home’s solar potential and estimate your system’s annual energy production. 

We’ll also take a close look at your historical and projected energy usage and provide you with an analysis that includes options for systems that balance your energy generation potential with your projected energy use. 

The result of this analysis is an easy-to-understand report that allows you to select the system that best suits your needs and budget while understanding the system’s total net value.

The Design and installation

“We are among the few installers that routinely build systems that we also own. As the old phrase goes, “We eat our own cooking.” That mentality is applied to every system we build”

We are among the few commercial solar installers that routinely build systems that we also own. 

Every system we build, and each design decision is made as if we are going to live with that decision for years. From solar panels down to the wiring, we carefully analyze each component to ensure its safety and efficiency. Some might call this overanalyzing. We call it good engineering.

We install only the best solar panels, inverters, hardware, and electrical components.

We select equipment with the longest warranties in the business, zero maintenance, and dependable performance.

Our commitment to quality also shows in our compulsive need to sue structural and electrical components that exceed the code requirements. Our systems use only stainless-steel fasteners. To achieve this, we even replace/upgrade the screws that come with standard-service electrical equipment. 

Monitoring and Support

“With no Moving parts, how do you know it’s working?”

With every system we install, B&K Solar provides an online monitoring service. There’s no guessing or wondering about how well your system is working for your business. This is visual, detailed information about your commercial solar panel system at your fingertips. The performance of each day is displayed and archived, so if there is ever a problem, we’ll know it before you have to think about it. It’ll be diagnosed and solved. 
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